One Cherry Picked Piece, Septarian, Natural, Cabochon

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Septarian, Natural, Cabochon, 1 Piece, Assorted Shape & Size. 

Will weigh as least 10 grams. We Pick One A Beautiful Piece! 


You can suggest a shape, it is not guaranteed.

If we don't have the shape you want, We will send the best looking piece I can! 


Most common shapes in descending order

Oval, Tear Drop, Square, Circle & Triangle.


Septarian Nodule, also referred to as Dragon Stone, is a tri color concretion composed of Aragonite (the brown), Calcite, (the yellow), and Limestone (the grey). The name comes from the word “Septaria”, which usually refers to any concretion with internal cavities or cracks. From Latin for “partition”

This unique mineral was formed around 50 to 70 million years ago during Earth’s Cretaceous Period. Sea life during that time became attracted to the molten sediment that was produced by these massive volcanic eruptions. Overtime as sea life began to die, their chemical composition became enriched in sedimentary rock, forming the nodules we see today. As oceans began to recede around the world, the water within soon dried out and massive cracks formed internally. The chemicals within the dead sea life eventually crystallized. Most Septarian Nodules are from Utah, where the Gulf of Mexico once spanned to, as well as Madagascar, which was under very similar conditions during that time period. 

Hardness 3-4

This is a natural stone that has had no treatment other than cutting, and polishing in China or India.