Sodalite, Pairs, Cabochons, 100 Gram Lot, Assorted Shapes & Sizes

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Sodalite, Natural, Pairs, Cabochons, 100 Gram Lot,  Assorted Shapes & Sizes

Size range is 10mm to 20mm.

This image is of a similar assortment of 100 grams of Sodalite Matched Pairs.  

Sodalite is rock-forming mineral best known for its blue to blue-violet with white Calcite mixed within the stones. First discovered by Europeans in 1811 in Greenland, Sodalite did not become important as an ornamental stone until 1891 when vast deposits of fine material were discovered in Ontario, Canada.

The biggest deposits of this stone are in Brazil. It has also been found in Russia, Greenland, Romania, Brazil, France, India, Myanmar, Namibia, Canada, and the USA.

Sodalite often has white veining, and it can be confused with Lapis Lazuli. Small amounts of Sodalite are present in many specimens of Lapis Lazuli. If significant Pyrite is present, then specimen is not Sodalite.

Hardness 5.5 to 6

This is a natural stone that has had no treatment other than cutting, and polishing.