Marcasite in Quartz, Cabochons, 25, 50 or 100 Gram Lot, Assorted Shapes & Sizes

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Marcasite in Quartz, Cabochons, Assorted Shapes & Sizes 

This image is of a similar assortment of 100 grams of Marcasite in Quartz.   

50 gram lots will be 50% less pieces.

 25 gram lots will be 75% less pieces.  

Millimeter sizes mentioned are a suggested range, not a guarantee. 

Quartz with Marcasite is a rarer gemstone. Marcasite and Quartz are usually found separately. The mineral Marcasite is a iron sulfide mineral. Marcasite is found in sediments, sedimentary rocks, and hydrothermal deposits in many parts of the world.

 Marcasite and Pyrite have a striking resemblance and they have been confused for one another. Actually, the term ‘Marcasite’ comes from the Moorish or Arabic word used for pyrite. These two minerals have different shapes and varied structures internally, but the basic chemistry between the two is similar

 Pyrite is widely known because of its nickname of "fool's gold." It is also a mineral that can be found everywhere. But Marcasite is much less common. Marcasite has been found in England, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, China, France, Romania, Peru, and Mexico. In the United States Marcasite is in Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri

 Marcasite is a beautiful looking mineral. It is a pale bronze yellow or brass color, with dark gray-green streaks. Marcasite is opaque and has a beautiful glittering metallic luster.

 Hardness 6 to 6.5

This is a natural stone that has had no treatment other than cutting, and polishing.