To get a wholesale account with Beauty in the Bead, please answer one of these two questions.

  1. Do you must own a brick-and-mortar Bead Store, Craft Store or are a buyer for a Bead or Craft Store?
  2. Are you a high-volume jewelry or beaded creations designer?

If the answer is yes to either one, please provide us the following by email.

  • Tell us which one you are from above.
  • Provide your company and personal name if different
  • Business address and phone number
  • Copy of Business License
  • If from WA state, a copy of your Reseller Permit.
  • Provide us information on your website or social media pages.

Please send your email to BeautyintheBeadShop@gmail.com

One more important step, please go to our website and create your account with your information.  Email us when this is done, and we will go in and set you up.  We will inform you by email when that is done and the discount you will receive. 

Create Account Here: https://www.beautyinthebeadshop.com/login.php?action=create_account


Not Store or High-Volume Jewelry Designer?  

If you do not own a store or are not a high-volume jewelry designer our discounts are based on volume of your purchase. The discount is 15% off $250 or more and 30% off $500 or more.  These discounts cannot be used in addition to any other sales or discounts. 

Code 15% Off over $250: 15off

Code 30% Off over $500: 30off

Thanks for your interest in Beauty in the Bead and have a Beadiful day!