Prehnite, Natural, Faceted Cube Beads, 4mm

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Prehnite, Natural, Faceted Cube Beads, 4mm

This price is for one strand 15 to 16 inches long 


4mm faceted cube strands have 102 to 107 pieces 


Prehnite is a silicate material and can show a pearly luster. Its color varies from light green to yellow, but also colorless, blue, pink, or white. In April 2000, rare orange prehnite was discovered in South Africa. Prehnite is mostly translucent, and rarely transparent. The black in prehnite is black tourmaline. Brandy prehnite has the green and yellow browns together.

It was first named in 1788 in South Africa for a Colonel Von Prehn, commander of the Dutch military forces. Some of the most important deposits come from Africa, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Scotland, France, Brazil, and the United States in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.



Hardness 6-6.5

This is a natural stone that has had no treatment other than cutting, drilling, and polishing. 

The source of these beads is Brazil and they are cut, drilled and polished in China.