Lava, Blue, Dyed, Round, One 8mm Strand

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Lava, Blue, Dyed 8mm Round

This price is for one strand 15 to 16 inches long

Lava Rock beads are literally made from cooled down molten basalt, an igneous rock. When a volcano erupts, red hot molten rock spills out of the volcano and flows away as lava until it becomes cool, solid, porous and black. Lava has a spongy texture with tiny holes. Because lava is a natural substance, these holes should be random and not at all uniform.

The pitted, porous surface of lava rock is perfect for essential oil diffusing. The porous nature of lava beads traps the oil molecules. Use them as natural diffusers and are beautiful when made into jewelry. 

When the stone is cut and polished, it can be formed into beads of different shapes. These volcanic rock beads are often black, but they also take dye beautifully and are available in many different colors, including sky blue, teal, fuchsia, green, purple, tan, and chocolate brown.

Hardness 3-3.5

The Lava is from China and the beads are cut, drilled and polished in China.

 These beads are dyed with the introduction of coloring agent into a gemstone to give it new color, intensify present color or improve color uniformity.